How to buy a domain? Best Review in 2022

Before Buying a new domain you must know these things. It would be best if you viewed a checklist given below down.

Domain Buying Guide

  • Check if your domain registrar is giving privacy protection at the promised price?
  • Check if your domain registrar giving an affordable renewal price for your domain for the next year?
  • Check if your domain registrar is giving a domain lock facility for preventing domain theft?
  • Check if your domain registrar is giving your two-step verification while you log in to your account?
  • Ensure for any hidden fees where you are going to buy your domain?
  • Ensure that there is no extra cost to edit your WHOIS records?
  • Ensure that there is a support team to assist you when you are in trouble regarding your domain setup?

Research your favourite domain Name

The second thing is to do depth research on your domain name. what & how do you want your domain name? Because your domain is your Business property. this is one of the digital Assets. So you must follow the checklist given below:-

  • Your domain name must be very small so that people can easily memorize it.
  • Your domain name must include any high-value keyword if possible.
  • Don’t copy or include any partial name of any other Brand. This will cause trouble for your Brand.
  • Try to buy a .com domain especially when your target audience is outside India.

Selection of your new Domain Registrar

Don’t hurry in selecting your domain registrar Because this is very important from where you are planning to buy a domain? Here I am suggesting some famous domain registrars from which you can buy your domain.

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Always remember before buying a domain Please create your account & buy only when you re-login to your account at the Domain registrar website.

Activity after registering the domain

  • Don’t forget to verify your email ID associated with your account.
  • Don’t forget to create your email ID like [email protected].

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