How to buy a product online? Must read in 2022

Hi, are you planning to buy something online? nice cool! But do you know what problems or issues could you face while you shop online? This is also possible that you feel very hard to choose your favourite product online. In this post, we will tell you which precautions do you take while online shopping. We will also understand in which way can you make safe payments for your shopping.

How to buy a product online?

This is natural that in this technology era each of us wants to buy products online. Specifically when in the time of COVID there are seen a huge increase in online sales in e-commerce companies. Many of us shop online. there are huge reasons to buy products online & more facilities. You can get the same product to your home within two to four days. But on the other hand, there must be carefulness while online shopping. Because from choosing your favourite product up to get your product at your place all process is online.

Here are a few steps that you should take when you want to buy Products online.

1. Review your Product

This is the first step you should perform while you plan to buy anything online. this doesn’t matter whether you want to buy online or offline. Review is the common stage of purchasing anything in the market. We have explained “what is review in-depth” in our previous post.

When we review any product then we understand the product very sharply. That means we check everything related to the product, we are planning to buy. we check reviews on Google or Youtube by typing review + product name. Google suggests the best review on the basis of our keywords & Youtube does the same. If you want to read about the review in-depth then you can read here. You should not hurry in reviewing your product.

2. Payment Stage

How to Pay online in the safe Environment?
How to Pay Online in a Safe Environment?

After review, you have to select your payment method which one is the best for you. As you know that there are given many offers by many banks on Plastic money. You can choose one of them that is fit for you. Here the remarkable point is that you should use a separate payment wallet for such payment. This is only for security purposes. If something goes wrong then this affects only your wallet through you paid.

But what will happen if you use your UPI payment option. This will be a real risk for your money. Never pay through such a Debit/Credit card where are your hard money. Due to payment reasons, about 25% of customers don’t buy online. They prefer offline shopping. The only reason behind this, is they don’t have the proper knowledge of the online payment.

Here we are telling some steps that you must use while you pay online for your Product.

  • When you pay Please insure your Mobile network is full & having no blockage.
  • Before perfoming payment please ensure you have created an account on your shopping platform.
  • If you try once for making your payment & payment got failed. Don’t make hurry. wait for some time. When your check your balance & ensure there is not any debit then make try again.
  • While payment this is better that there is no call on our phone because due to connecting calls there may be network blocking.
  • If you see a message on screen of successful Payment then you must note transaction Number or if possible you must take screenshot of the same page.
  • If you have paid But payment didn’t succeed & the balance got deducted from your account. Then this payment will be refunded to your destination where you had paid wallet or your bank account.
  • Please retain your same debit card or other instrument through which you paid your payment for online shopping. Because in refund case, you may need the same debit card.

3. Beware Fraudulent activity by Cyber criminals

After payment, many of us face this issue. that is about cyber-criminals. Have you ever seen or heard that cyber-criminals target those customers who have no specific knowledge about the internet or online banking or shopping.

Cyber-criminals target their victims in many ways. First, we will know how many methods they cheat on customers? & after also know the solution for them. So the cyber-criminals can target in the following situations:-

  1. If customer performed a payment that was unsuccessful & customer was in finding customer care or helpline Number on Google.
  2. If the customer raised any issue on soical site like twitter, facebook etc. instead of official website in his/her personal account.

Now we will understand all the possible ways through which we can solve our problems.

  • Always raise your complaint on your personal account after logged in. not on soical media platform. Because of many cyber criminal are active on social media platforms. they grab their targets.

4. Tracking your Online Product

This is the third stage of Online Shopping you need. After successful payment e-commerce stores dispatch your product online. & now you get a notification alert via SMS on your phone. You also track your product location using related e-commerce android applications or web services. There are different types of applications of different e-commerce companies. You will easily get your choice application on their website or Google Play.

Final word

In final word, I would like to suggest that whenever you plan to buy something online first review in-depth after you should buy the product online. Make sure you are using your wallet for payment for online shopping.

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