What is PUK in SIM Cards in easy words in 2022

What is PUK? are you looking for the PUK Code? Actually, PUK is related to the telecom sector & stands for Personal Unblocking Key. This is a term that represents your SIM identity verification. This is also a verification method for your SIM security. You can treat this as a super security feature that provides a safe environment for your SIM card anywhere. We have introduced in our previous post how what is a review of a Product & how should you review any kind of product? In this post, We will understand PUK In-depth & How this will make safe our SIM Cards?

What is PUK?

First of all, This is a term used in security features of our smartphones that represent the Security of identity. The full form of PUK is a Personal unblocking Key. This is a code provided by your service providers like Airtel, Idea or any other service provider. That is used to unblock your SIM cards. Now, this is very possible that you are compelled to think that why & when does our phone require this PUK Code? Let’s understand this, with an example below.

For a better understanding of PUK, this is necessary to understand what is PIN. So first we will understand about PIN & PIN2.

Generally, There is a SIM-based common security feature in our smartphone & Non-multimedia handset also. This is totally depended upon us whether we activate this service or not? Usually, there are two features even in non-multimedia handsets. what exactly happens. The first is PIN & the second is PIN2. These are both for the security features of your SIM.

PIN (Personal Identification Number)

This is PIN, which stands for Personal Identification Number. Provided by your telecom service provider. By this, you can enable the security of your SIM cards anytime. By activating this feature in your handset, you can prohibit the wrong use of your SIM Cards like misleading calls, Fraudulent SMS while your phone is missing.

This is totally SIM-based feature & avoid your SIM cards from the wrong activities without your permission. When you activate this PIN feature Your phone required a PIN code that you (owner) set previously whenever the phone got switched off or anyone tries to change SIM Cards. If anyone input the wrong PIN continuously three times Then your previously set PIN will block & then it will require PUK2. That can be taken by your service provider.

PIN2 (Personal Identification Number2)

This works totally like PIN but the difference between both PIN & PIN2 is PIN protects your device from unauthorized people while PIN2 helps to cost control regarding callings & SMS. By using PIN2 Features you are able to restrict your calls & SMS. By activating this PIN2 you can tern on fixed dialling in hour phone. is called Fixed dialling. If you input the wrong PIN continuously three times then this PIN2 got blocked & require for PUK2. That can be taken by your service provider.

When PIN & PIN2 are blocked?

Since both of the features work on the basis of Your SIM cards in your phone. These features increase your SIM security. When you activate these features in your phone & after this, anyone tries to open this setting or wants to change in your setting & input the wrong code three times then this previously code get blocked or expired. Then you need PUK or PUK2 to unblock your SIM card same features. By entering the required PUK codes in your SIM cards, you can set your new PIN for your SIM cards. These PUK or PUK2 codes you got, will never change. So keep this carefully for future use also.

How to get PUK & PUK2 for my SIM?

See, there is not a hard & fast rule to provide These codes So, there are different rules to provide PUK & PUK2 codes to Mobile users by the telecom companies. Sometimes, you get your PUK & PUK2 Printed on SIM kit when you buy this SIM. But in some cases, you get these codes by applying USSD via your phones. This process helps you to get your PUK & PUK2 code very easily. You can also get another customers’ sim PUK by entering a few personal details.

There are several companies so, the methods can be also different for each company. Here we will take the example of Airtel.

  • You can go with this USSD *121*51#
  • Select for your PUK
  • Enter Your Date of Birth
  • Get your PUK & PUK2 code for your Mobile

What is FDN? (Fixed Dialling Number)

FDN stands for Fixed Dialling Number. This term is also called a cost control system that allows you to determine which calls must be restricted or not in your phone. By using this feature you will be provided with a separate memory where you can save another contact. That means saving contacts in that location/ memory after enabling this FDN to feature the calls or SMS will have performed through these contacts only. If any contact number is not saved in FDN contact memory then you can’t call or send SMS through this number until/unless you save this contact in your FDN Contact Memory by using your PIN2.

This is how FDN works in the manner of Fixed dialling Number

Final Words

In last words, we would like to suggest that if you need your PUK code for your mobile handset. So it means that your PIN or PIN 2 code is blocked. In this case, you will need PUK or PUK2 to unblock your pin code. Please be aware that entering the wrong PUK code ten times in a row can also block your PUK or PUK2 code so this is the last step on your SIM card. After this, you have to buy a new SIM for the same mobile number. Still, you get the same mobile number. You can reactivate your mobile number as many times as you want or need.

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